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July 28, 2006

Get the Can Opener

Well the time has come where I will talk politics. I know everyone has their views and all it really does is open a can of worms but I've been rather adjitated with our government recently. It pretty much all has to do with the way he has been dealing with the mess that is the Middleast. First Harper supports Isreal for sending forces into Lebanon, while there is 30,000 Canadian there. Once he realizes how many Canadians there are it has taken over a week to get them out, and there are still thousands there. I'm sure he is doing everything in his power to get them out, however do not make a statement that your ok with Isreal forces bombing Lebanon while the people you represent are there. And then trying to ease public relations by stopping with your plan to pick up a mere 200 Canadians or should I say 0.66%.
Now don't get me wrong I am not supporting either side in this conflict, simply becuase I do not know enough about the situation, Isreal is suppose to be the good ones in this, and I am sure they are. However it does not justify declaring war on a country or organization for kidnapping 2 soldiers. Canada has been known for years as the peacekeepers of the world, we do not have a very large army or equipment, however we have been given global recongnition for our peacekeeping work in the last 40 years. But Harper does not think peace keepers should be any where near the Middlest. He feels the surrounding countries should be the ones dealing with this. They have been fight ingfor thousands of years and he actually thinks they will be able to solve this on the their own?
The more and more Haprer does the more and more I think he is Bush's puppet. Just about any situation in the past year Harper has sided with bush on, without even hesitating, atleast Martin had the balls to stand up to that guy. Today Bush appeared on television with Blair, not Harper, agreeing with the UN that peacekeepers need to be sent in I think is a slap in the face to Harper, since he was not involved in these discusions and it looks good on him. I will put money on it that Harper will come out tomorrow with a statement along similar lines of what Blair and Bush have said, after I might add, Harper has said that the UN doesn't belong in there.

I just think that we are on a slippery slope and there are many major players involved in this situation which could ultimately lead to a very bad situation. Why don't we let the UN do what is set up to do and stop trying to be buddies with Bush and try and get Canada's reputation of a World Leader in peace keeping back, instead of bombing the towns and cities of many innocent people.

My rant is now over.

June 14, 2006

Finished Product

Well the poker table is complete....

Sorry for the shitty picture but the only camera I could find was the one on my phone, but you get the idea. All in all I'm happy with it, it was a learning experience, I would've done a few things differently if I did it again, but thats part of the reason why I was building it. I may work on one or two other projects by summers end. I really enjoy working out in the garage with all the powertools and what not.

Thats about all I got for tonight, kind of a boring post.

Peace Out

May 27, 2006

If you're going to lead, then lead. If you're going to follow, get the hell out of my way!

After living with motorcycle nuts the past few years and now working under one I have suddenly have the urge to want to ride. Owning a motocycle is like an automatic acceptence into a cult. People who own them are always checking out what others are riding and constantly compairing each others bikes.

Also today I was coming home from St. Catharines and decided to take the old highway back due to the nice weather and boring QEW drive. Most of way back I was driving behind a guy on his Harley. I got to see a glimpse of inside this cult. There were tons of bikes out on the road today. Every bike that past eachother gave the complimentary wave to eachother. The thing I find interesting about it is it doesn't matter what race or background or group you hang around, if you own a bike you accepted into this society. There are also so many different groups who ride motorcylces, but yet they are all on the same level it seems.

So hopefully once I get a bit of money I will be able to get a bike and learn how to ride and see what all the talk is about.

April 17, 2006

So Close I Can Taste It....

In a week and a half I will be finished exams and onto summer. Oh man I cant wait for this summer, although I have no clue where the hell I will be living or working or anything for that matter, however I'm looking forward to it!!!!

Well back to the books, no more procrastination!!!!


March 25, 2006

Pet Peeve

Recently I have been rather annoyed with people in general. Maybe I've just opened my eyes a bit more and noticed that racism that still exists in Canada. Although I do not know if this is the correct forum to discuss it however where would there be a good one. I bet people are probably thinking the only reason I am discussing this is becuase I just saw the movie "Crash". I will admit I did just watch it the other week, and I must say it was a very well done movie and portrays our society somewhat acurately, movies like this encourages open discusion about topics like this, however this is not the reason why I've been pissed off and want to rant about racism. For about the past year or so I've just been noticing a few things here and there that just pisses me off and have been accumulating without anyway to discuss them so I figured why not here,

Growing up in a mid size city I was introduced to many different cultures all of which inter-mingled, probably becuase it was a small enough city where people were forced to socialize with other cultures becuase there simply isn't enough of their own culture to "polarize" themselves I guess you could say. Myself being a mixed breed I consider myself Canadian as I don't have any major background I think I have just about everything in my blood. Back when I lived in Brantford I never thought there was a whole lot of racism in Canada only becuase I was never exposed to it. I know myself I had a friend who was from Sudan, one from Korea another was Polish, all of whom spoke their native language fluently at home with their parents. I never felt uncomfortable in their home, actually I found other cultures are alot more welcoming then your average North American family.

However ever since I have come to University I have just started to see that racism is alot bigger than many think in Canada. First, I don't know if its just human nature or what but one of the biggest things is that alot of people of one culture tend to keep their social circle of just their own race or culture. Im not in the position to justify this only becuase I am caucasion living in a prodominatly white country so I cant really provide an answer to this, human nature is all that I could really rely on. But I just wish people could become more open minded and socialize outside of their own culture. Canada is built on imigrants, we should not be afraid to socialize or talk to people outside of our own culture. I hate using stereotypes and I kind of am stereo typing, there are many people who are not like this, I know myself had made friends at school from people who was raised in other countries or culture, but for the most part many people do not intermingle.

Second I think people need to open up. People seemed to be so scared to go outside of their "comfort zone" lets call it a safety circle, all because people from another race or background was brought up differently or does not have the same values or looks different. Every culture has something that is unique and many positives to it, just because you dont understand it doesnt mean its wrong or that their completely different. I am appreciative that I have had the experience to be around many different cultures growing up, especially as a kid, when we are all a lot more open minded then as adults. Geez I'm starting to feel a little old now. Every race has something to bring to the table, the biggest problem in our society is that everyone is just afraid to go outside their little saftey circle, they would rather just view it from the outside and place judgement on it. I'm going to use one of the most over used cliches but it fits perfect is that what is on the outside is jus the tip of the ice berg. If people actually could see where someone came from, not just their parents but I mean the generations before that you would be able to understand how people have been shaped from their surrounding environments.

I guess I am just a lot nieve to think that racism will go away, but I just wish people would not judge based on one's appearance. I can vauge for that, simply becuase growning up and still today I have always been one of the smallest guys in my age group, alot of people didnt want to give me a chance, however those who gave me that chance seen that I worked as hard if not harder than the rest of the people and could do the task at hand, whether it was sports related or work related, I was just as good as the rest of them. What I am trying to say is that many people of other races are not given that chance and I believe our society as a whole is missing out on what they could be adding to it.

I will also be the first to admit, I have my stereo types and have in the past and probably will in the future judged one simply based on the way they look or speak. But I do try to hang around people who do not live their lives that way, theres no reason we should have to limit our lives to our safety circle simple because people are different. That is what our country is based on and I think people just have to grow up and live life, fuck being trapped in a circle. Personally I think it is boring doing the same things day after day, year after year. I enjoy having new expereinces in my life, and what better to chance experience something new than hanging around people who are different from you or your friends in some way whether it be race, or appearance.

Looking at the current situation, Canada is a lot more open then many other countries around the world to other races and cultures, and when looking at the United States some probably think racism doesn't even exist in Canada. Also we have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, just one or two generations before ours, racism was still prelevant in almost all aspects of our community. Although it would be nice to see racism abolished in our generation I think its more realistic to hope for it in another generation or two, maybe it is just wishful thinking, but it would be nice to see.

I think my rant is over now, although I could probably continue on I just wanted to get that off my chest. It may or may not sit well with some people, but those are just a few of my views on the situation.

March 02, 2006

Just Jump In!

Just thought I would give an update on things that are going on. Hmmm where did I leave off last...

I've been getting through the semester somehow. When I was a kid whenever I went swimming I always had the theory to just jump rather than slowly getting into the water. Always just made the tansistion from warm to cold much better. I guess I've gone through life somewhat like that too. Instead of just taking a few courses this semester to see how I feel and if I can handle it, instead I'm taking a full 5 courses, not to mention one online, so six in total. I also picked up two more jobs along the way, and possibly three if all goes well today (I'll get to that in a minute).

All my classes seem to be going alright, its kinda nuts that there is only a few more weeks left in the semester, and most of classes the last 2 weeks are just presnetations so really there is only a couple weeks of lecture left, which I am not really complaining much. I'll be happy to see April come with all the projects and what not I have due upcoming.

I am about half way through the My Game My Pain promotion. It has been pretty fun so far, and a good experience, having to organize and bunch of events and what not. Stressfull at times but other than that its all good. We had the tryouts for Brock a few weeks back and Extreme Pumpball was the winner (go vote for them) for Brock. I must say though they are up against some stiff competition there some good sports that have been created. I have a few other promo's that I have left to do, paintballing coming up next week which will hopefully be alot of fun. Again as much fun as it has been I'll be happy to see it finished just becuase its one more thing I wont have my plate.

As for my other job, bartending at club Roma, I have only worked a few nights, simply because its the slow season for the cateering business, also I'm one of the last ones on the list they call for work.

As I mentioned above I might have another job coming my way. I decided to take some resumes around yesterday to see if I can get a job up here for the summer. Not 5 minutes after I dropped some off I get a call from Cogeco to come in for an interview. So I'm going in for that today, I have no idea what to expect, or what the job even entails. We shall see I guess.

What have I missed....

Ohhh, I think I'm going to be staying up in St. Kitts this summer. Well that is if I dont hear back from a few companies I applied to for some experience in the office. I figure I will stay up here and take a few courses to try and get caught up with my degree for that semester I took off. I will be paying for a room so might as well get some use out of it. Also as much as I have loved working in the freezer the past two years, I'm not going back this summer!

In case your wondering the pic above is from the kegger we threw a few weeks back, thats me polishing off the last of the beer, its was good times and hopefully the first of many to come.

Like I mentioned above I think I have lived my life to the motto, just jump in. It seems to have been working so far.

A side note:
The treatment that I am on seems to be having a positive effect, if you havent noticed, I have gotten my apitite back which is the best part. Starting to put a bit of weight back on, still working on that. Not quite 100% but hopefully with a few more treatments I will be there. So everyone cross their figures and I wont need surgery!

I think that brings everyone up to date with whats been going on in my life....

January 10, 2006

My Game My Pain!

Well its been awhile since I've posted anything, been rather busy of late. To bring you guys up to date, I've completed one job and have started two more. First I have begun bartending at this Italian hall in St kitts, its a really nice place and seems like a pretty good place to work. I am slowly picking up the tricks of the trade to bartending, learning as I go. Its been fun, I kinda like that field of work, I did for years so I have the experience.

My second job I have picked up is with the same company I was selling Bell Phones with, however know I am promoting this event at Brock, Motrin's My Game My Pain. Which is basically a competition between 10 Universities across Canada trying to come up with Canada's next favourite past time. Which should be pretty fun and great experience as well. The training was excellent, they brought everyone into Toronto by bus and plane from across Canada last Thursday. I found myself at this bar in downtown Toronto chilling with a dozen people I just met who were from all across Canada watching Team Canada play, it was awesome, not mention the company picked up the tab. It was a rather long day of training but they paid us for it so cant really complain. I don't believe the site is up yet but everyone at Brock better help me spread the word and enter this contest, I wanna see Brock win this, there is some great incentives as well. The website is www.motrin.ca/mygamemypain everyone check it out.

And also in other news I am back at school. Trying to get back in the swing of things, hopefully it will go better than last semester, and I am planning on being a good student and make it to every class and keep up with reading. I dunno how long this is gonna last but I'm gonna try it out and see how it goes. Thats about all thats new in my life.

December 21, 2005

Oh Canada Eh!

So it's been awhile since I've posted, haven't really had much to discuss or to get off my mind. Just been busy working and getting stuff ready for Christmas. Its been crazy down at the Penn Centre the past week or so, I've been selling alot of phones which is nice to see cause it was bit of slow start but its starting to come around. After a few slow days at work I've been keeping my self busy by playing around with all the new phones out on the market. The technology that they have been craming into these small devices is incredible. A audiovox phone which Rogers is selling is fully equiped with Microsoft Windows and many of their programs including explorer and media player. Also the the new thing this year is Mp3 playing capabilities. This new funtion that Bell is offering which kinda scares me and reminds me that big brother could be watching, now anyone can go online and track a cell phone user down within a city block, ofcourse the user has to ok this for one to find their location, but still I'm sure there is someone out there who knows their way around this. This is especailly kinda frightening too when recently Bush has admited that they have been eve's dropping on phone calls for a number of years now. If it could happen there then it could be happening here as well. Not that I have nothing to hide or anything but I enjoy my privacy and like to know that no one is listening in on conversations, or is tracking via GPS.

The big news this week is Team Canada on two fronts actually. I am currently watching live via the internet Team Canada selections for the olympics in February. I wish there was more free live streaming programing on the internet right now. Although the picture quality isn't good to say the least its still really convinent. Maybe in the coming months we will see it. But back to Team Canada, first the World Juniors begin next week, which I can't wait for, its a Christmas tradition to watch the kids put it all on the line to represent Team Canada, and it is great hockey. Although Canada are the under dogs this year I still think they are gonna put up a good fight. The olympic squad on the other hand is once again the top ranked team, and have a huge pool to draw from. I'm hoping to see some young blood on the squad, but I doubt we will see it considering the past selection from Gretzky and the rest of the olympic commitee. I think I'm one of the few hoping to see Crosby on it. He's young but he has proven he can play with the big boys, and is our future why not put on the squad. Sure there is gonna be controversy but no other country has the amount of players to draw from as Canada, and I think we should be very greatful for it. It should be interested to see who they have selected.

Also I would just like give my condolences to the Gretzky family, as Phylis Gretzky has lost her fight with cancer. Having the amount of publicity that family had, her and Walter never forgot their roots and never changed. Having seen two people close to me fight a losing battle in my family I wish that upon no family.

December 07, 2005

Round Two

Lets try this again. I had tried a previous post a few days ago, but after it was nearly complete I somehow lost it all. I have begun my job, it is going pretty well all considering, havent sold too many phones, due to the Telephone Booth sales staff are not very supportive of Bell they prefer Rogers, but I have found out that others in better locations havent sold much more then me either. I am enjoying the job so far though, every day I talk with differnt types of people which calls for me to approach each customer differently. Which suites me well because I really hate repetitive tasks. I am still learning the ropes, but just being their a week I think I've become much more aware of how sales people try pursuade customers to a certain products above others, simply because of the commision rates. I find it rather amusing actually watching those who are on commision. Just recently actually I went to Best Buy, where they do not have commisioned sales man, and I was there probably for 30 minutes and I don't think one of the people on staff said anything to me, well other than the greeter ofcourse. Then I went to Future Shop, and man it was like watching sharks fighting over fresh bait. Within seconds of walking in the store I actually counted 3 salesman approaching me trying to get the sale. I wasnt even going in to purchase anything and it was amusing watching them, I believe I was there for about 20 min and approximately 6 or 7 salesman approached me. So I guess I'm thankful I've gained atleast some market intellegence atleast, and with all these marketing courses I'm taking I like to think that I've become more media literate and can distinguish between good products as oppose to good advertising.
In other news, me and my roomate Kus have decided we are gonna be throwing a party come the begining of January, to kick off the New Year, once everyone gets back from holidays, probably the first or second weekend in January. There will be atleast one keg for those who wanna drink beer. We are just putting together some ideas and what not. It'd be good for some type of themed party, but not something thats been done a hundred times, something original, so if anyone has ideas toss them this way. I'll keep you guys posted once we figure it all out. As for now I'm heading down to the Mansion House for some music and beer.

November 30, 2005

No Other Sport Like It

Been rather shitty weather the past week or so, windy rainy and cloudy weather. Kinda depressing in a way, however it just means that the cold stuff is on the way. Many can't stand it, but me on the other hand don't mind it so much, it just means that pond hockey will be around the corner. I'll be the first to admit that I am not the greatest hockey player, I'm alright can skate pretty good, and handle the puck fairly well, but I'm defidently no Crosby, or even Domi for that matter. One may wonder why I love it so much. After getting on the ice this past summer after not playing in any leage for some time now I think I figured why its such a great sport.

For starters, just getting together with the guys and shooting the shit, chirping each other as well, in the dressing room is a break from everything else that is going on and good times. Then this past summer when we first got on the ice, I never noticed it as much in my life, but the sounds of the game is just incredible and can only be heard at ice level. The sound of the skates cutting through the ice on a fast break, stick handling the puck on your stick, and hear the puck rickoshay off the boards from a wrist shot. The first game of the summer just brought back all these great times in the past I had growing up. The game hasn't even started yet and I'm loving every minute of it. Then your shift begins, and for those 30 seconds that your out on the ice, just to give it your all, and time seems to just slow down what feels like a few minutes, hasn't even been a minute yet. Changing up on the fly to keep this pace going, and sit for a minute or so and continue this cycle all game.

Hockey is just an incredible sport, where I think one has to experience to understand the true value of the game. Which probably explains the NHL popularity in Canada as oppose to the USA. There isn't really any other sport where you play your heart out for those 60 minutes and are tired as a dog, but in a good tired, and then get together and go and have a few beers. Many say that the game is too violent and dangerous, but the game is only violent if players don't play with a certain amount of respect for eachother, and those are the players who get the short end of the stick when it comes to violence and frankly have it coming to them. Im just a little nervous becuase the NHL particularly is trying to eliminate this part of the game to make it more friendly and less "violent" for those crying American who do not understand the game at all. There isn't any other sport where the players can police themselves, but in recent years its been changing dramatically, I guess time will tell what happens.

One thing is for sure though, once that pond freezes over I'll be the first one out there lacing them up. Sure it may be could out, but once you get those skates on its all worth it. I remember as a kid walking over to the outdoor rink almost frooze getting there and tieing the skates up, but as soon as I got on the ice I was there for hours. And will most likely be there for hours on end this year.

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